Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th!

Happy December 8th! On our way back from our barn time I pulled over to snap a picture of the dogs in front of this. It's an auto body shop and they normally have that pink car on its side there. They just spruce it up for the holidays and I've been wanting to get a shot of the dogs near it.

I have got one heck of a headache tonight. I had plans to work the dogs on obedience stuff tonight, but that has gone right out the window. I'm wondering if my headache had anything to do with the agility trial entries that I just wrote. Hmmmmm......yeah, that part is killing me. On the up side, our practice went really well tonight. I was working more on rear crosses and pivots with the dogs and I think my timing is slowly getting better.:)

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Mango said...

I went back and watched the agility movies from November. Your dogs sure are in great shape! I do wish they would somehow figure out a rule to lower the jumps for giant dogs. That must be tough on their joints.

I applaud your determination and hard work. The pups seem to really love it.

Mango Momma