Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd!

I didn't know what else to title this post, so happy December 2nd!:) I did a bit of a Christmas take on the picture I shot of Heffner back in April. It didn't quite turn out as fantastic as I would have liked, but neat enough.:) And here come the out takes:

In other news, I finally did something that I've been saying I need to do for a while now. I started renting barn time at the agility barn that's relatively close to our house. The club that I'm a member of allows it's members to rent an hour a week at one of their barns. I've been meaning to do it so that we can work on the various things that we need to, it's just taken me a while to get around to it. I finally reserved some time and tonight was our first official barn rental!

The only down side to it is that the Northwest Agility League is still going on. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. I'm running both dogs FEO (For Exhibition Only) in League and it's good additional practice for us. The problem is that we have League on Friday nights in this same barn and they like to set the course up a day in advance. If I was actually running on a team, I could use this to my advantage as so many people in various League teams seem to do. But I'm not on a team and I would prefer to work on the stuff that the dogs and I need to work on. So I left the course as is, but added in some extra jumps so that we could work on things like rear crosses and weave pole entries. It went quite well and I'm hoping that I will start to see more improvements with my handling with the dogs with the practice.:) This also means that I actually get to start fully utilizing the Susan Salo videos that I have. I was sort of modifying them to fit my back yard during the summer, but now I've got a full barn to utilize!

I'm also going to be periodically renting ring time at the facility that our obedience club has. I'm really excited about that because they're going to renovate the space and increase the size! Plus, they also have the equipment that I'll need for the exercises beyond the novice level. In our obedience lessons we've just started working on the directed jumping and go outs. I can't wait to have the space to get more practice in!

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