Friday, September 25, 2009

Beach Day!!!

Today Adam and I headed out to the Oregon coast with the dogs for a fun beach day! I normally have the day off and usually use my Fridays as hiking days since I like to hike on trails with less people and congestions. But Adam took the day off to come and join us! We left the house at about 7:30am and got back at around 5:00pm, so it was a very lovely and full day!:)

The first stop on our journey was Ecola State Park and Indian Beach. First of all, Ecola State Park is a beautiful park! It has some wonderful trails, picnic areas, beaches, and small camping areas! We parked right at the Indian Beach picnic area and headed straight for the beach. As to be expected, the dogs were SUPER excited to get out and run around! There were a few ladies that were already down there on the beach walking around and they were laughing at what a great time the dogs were having. And commented on how beautiful they were.:)

After the dogs burned off a little energy and got their zoomies out, we headed off for the Clatsop Loop Trail, which is rated moderate. This trail is 3.6 miles round trip with a bit of elevation gain. We were shooting for primarily easy level trails since Adam isn't much of a hiker and I wanted this to be enjoyable for him as well. However, we really couldn't resist this trail! It's not too bad, the increased level of difficulty is just due to the elevation gain. It's not a lot, but enough that you can start to feel it. I was a little nervous with the cliffs and drop offs along the trail, but I'm happy to say that there were railings or fencing at every single one of them! My dogs just get a wee bit too curious for my liking and can have a tendency to try and give me heart failure if they're off leash on some trails!

We headed up to the WW II bunker and the view point to see the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, and then headed back to the truck.

After grabbing some yummy lunch in Cannon Beach we headed out to Cape Falcon to do the short hike (1.2 miles round trip) down to Short Sand Beach. The trail is again, an easy one, but enjoyable! We kept the dogs on leash until we got down to the beach, where we sort of had a chunk of it all to ourselves!

After playing on the beach for a while, we headed south towards Tillamook. And no trip to Tillamook is complete without a trip to the cheese factory!!! We picked up some curds (YUMMY!!!) and got some delicious Tillmook ice cream while we were there. It's so freaking good!!

After our little break, it was off to Munson Falls. This is another really easy and short hike. It's actually only 0.6 mile round trip. It's a nice little stopping, pottying, and watering break, but not really much else. About the first half of the trail is coated with rocks that aren't rounded and I worried about the dogs' feet a little bit. The falls and the area were pretty, but there wasn't a whole lot to do.

After Munson Falls it was time to head home. We got home, I fed the beasts, and they are happily snoozing away in the other room.:) It was a really great day!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bess and Heffner,
Awesome! the scenery is so beautiful! We loved all the photos! Heffner, did you notice how perfectly you camouflaged with those rocks! We could hardly see you! And we loved the photo where you are both standing exactly the same way, it looked so elegant!
Cheese factories are one of my Mumma's favourite places so she is very envious!
It looks like you all had an pawesome adventure with hiking and beeches and waterfalls...
You guys are so lucky!

Mr Darcy

The PR Gang said...

Lovely photos. What a spectacular place and you had it all to yourselves.
Looks like you all had a fabulous day.

Abbey said...

Loved the beach shots, my girls playground is the beach as we have easy access... boy can they burn off energy there...

Ive enjoyed reading the page and meeting your two... will drop by again