Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blogger Tuesday is Diamond in the Rough! Gotta show some love for the Oregon danes!;o) I also want to hear more about these cute danes. So head on over to their blog and tell them to keep on bloggin'!

I also just wanted to say that things are quite busy right now and about to get busier with an upcoming "little" project that is in the works. It's dane related and I'm pretty excited! But I don't want to say anything for sure until the paperwork is signed and it's a done deal. Therefore, my posts are going to be sort of spotty. I'll post when I have time, but I'm probably not going to be quite as OCD as I have been and getting those posts up every week. I'm allowed to start lightly jogging this coming Thur., so I'm hoping to get back to some serious hiking with the dogs as well.

This Thur., Fri., Sat., and Sun. Bess and I have a dog show down in Eugene, OR. Little Violet will be coming and staying with us during that time too!

1 comment:

Kennedy said...

Is Violet your "little" Dane-related project? Is she, is she?? Huh, huh, huh? =)