Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eugene Dog Show Day 4

Well, another day, another judge, another question of who's going to get the points. Bess went 2nd in her class and therefore didn't go Winners Bitch and nadda on the points. Oy! She was more sluggish today in the ring. Still looked good and moved well, but she didn't have much of a spark. I could tell she wasn't in to it this morning when I went to load her up into the back of the truck. Instead of hopping in, she went around the truck, along the side of the house to the back gate leading into the back yard and stood there waiting for me like she usually does when I'm letting the dogs back there after an outing. We also sadly left Violet with the breeder after the show.:(

But as promised, I have agility pics of Bess and some cute videos of Bess and Violet playing over at my parents' yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bess and Violet,
I loved those movies of you romping around together!
I hope Violet can stay without your Mumma getting a black eye (teehehe); she knows it was just a joke.

that goldie looked like a nice senior dawgy!
My ganmaw and gampaw also have a great big garden which is so much more fun than our little itty bitty garden. I know because I went there in summer!

Mr Darcy

The PR Gang said...

Excellent agility pics of Bess. She looks like she has so much fun in agility. Well, what's not fun about it!
Better luck at the next conformation shows with her.

Team 3 Dawg Flite said...

What great pics and video! I love those agility photos. I really never knew Great Danes could do agility. Awesome!