Wednesday, September 9, 2009

YouTube of the Month

Following in the herding theme for the month, the YouTube clip that I have picked actually features a great dane! The mantle boy is Voltaire out of the Chroma Dane kennel. Voltaire actually has his Herding Instict Test (HIT) title. Pretty stinkin' cool for a dane!


The PR Gang said...

Thanks for putting that video up. I knew that some of the Chroma dogs were doing herding but hadn't actually seen any of it. Yet another venue for Danes!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lindsay,
Wow! I thought I was just strange for a Dane because I have a bit of herding instinct too! Not something I have really explored yet, but I do play a game with my little hoomans where I round them up. they laugh so much when I play this game!

thanks for showing us this clip!

Mr Darcy

MurphyDog said...

Super cool! Thanks for sharin the video. I never woulda guessed a Dane as a herding dog. I think it looks like fun to chase those sheepies though, maybe I can talk Mom into takin me to a herding class!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Kennedy said...

This is so rockin' awesome, Linds!!! Seriously, watching him, this is what Vegas would do at the dog park if I didn't stop her with some dogs (cause of course their owners disapprove and they're SCARED!). I might have to check into this kind of activity for her! Great video. :)