Friday, September 11, 2009

Magazine of the Month

My pick for Magazine of the Month is Dog World! It's a general dog magazine that includes articles on nutrition, various health topics, dog sports, a Meet the Breed section, and information about dog competitions, whether they're conformation or performance sports. It's a fun magazine filled with lots of information. There is a general slant more towards people who are out and competing with their dogs in multiple venues. Hence the tag line of Active Dogs Active People. I think it's a good magazine and have enjoyed it!

I also realized that I forgot to post Bess' win picture from St. Helens! I'm pretty happy with it!

I'm also a bit miffed/bummed today because I received an email stating that the CPE agility trial that I entered both of the dogs in was already full and I therefore can't enter. I've never had that happen before! The only other CPE trial that I would possibly enter will be going on while I'll be away at the national specialty. I don't really want to enter the dogs in a trial the day before I have a 6:30 am flight to TN. Not a very good idea! So it looks like we'll most likely be entering our very first AKC agility trial at the end of Oct. With the "extra" money that I now have, I'll actually be able to enter the dogs more than one day, which is a bonus. I'm still a little annoyed though! We love CPE and I REALLY wanted to get the dogs completely finished with their Level 1 requirements! Oh well!

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