Monday, September 21, 2009


My conditioning topic for this month involves a way that you can take your dog jogging and/or hiking, have them leashed, but helping you with some of the work.;O) It's a sport called canicross! Essentially, your dog is contained in a sledding style harness (this is MUCH different than a weight pull harness or even a run of the mill regular dog harness, so be sure to differentiate), while you are in a skijoring harness, and the two of you are connected via a tow line that contains a bungee in it somewhere. Once everyone is hooked up, off you go!
This is something that you can do with your dog while out walking, jogging, hiking, or just strolling around any where. Make sure that your dog is under good voice control if you're around other dogs. Other people may not be as appreciative if your dog rudely goes up to their leashed dog(s).
Also take into consideration the current physical shape of your dog. While this isn't a strenuous pulling exercise, it is a little more effort than just going out for a walk. Slowly build your dog and yourself up to whatever your goal may be. Most likely you should be more concerned about where you are physically. With the added power of a dog helping you along. You may be moving faster than you're used to and going longer distances than you're used to. Especially if you have a dog that really likes to pull! So try not to overdo it your first time out. And watch out for squirels!LOL

The company that I prefer to get all of my equipment from is Alpine Outfitters. There is a woman who is sort of local that works with the company and she has custom fit both of my dogs for their harnesses. I don't want to elaborate on this too much right now because I'm planning on talking more in depth about pulling sports next month.:)


Anonymous said...

Dear Bess and Heffner,
You look like you're having great fun pulling your Mumma around!
I think I would die doing it. I get exhausted just going for my daily walk. A few times during my walk when Mumma is not completely paying attention I just flop down on the ground and lay there for a while. When I get home I don't even bother with breakfast I just go straight to sleep. Mumma is a bit worried about me being like this. But she thinks its to do with my muscle tone being very low, which is because of my condition. I have actually been diagnosed with something other than wobblers but Mumma doesn't want to mention it on the blog until after I have an MRI; because then we will know for sure. Mumma has been walking me quite a reasonable distance but my muscles are just getting smaller and smaller :o(
But maybe one day I will be able to be a big strong dawg like you two!

Mr Darcy

The PR Gang said...

Very cool! You're always doing such interesting stuff.

Dog Hanresses said...

Looks like fun! How do you let your dog know it is time to pull when you don't allow it when in the heal position?


Lindsay said...

The dogs know that when the harness is on, it's okay to pull. If I want them to stop, I train them to the "woah" command. If I want them to stay standing still while in harness, then I hang onto their collars, which remain on while they're in harness. It's mostly working with them on the ground to teach them the different commands and to know the difference between harness on and pulling and harness off and not pulling.