Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend off!

Holy smokes! This is the first entire weekend in 8 WEEKS that we don't have ANY dog events planned! For the past 8 weeks we've had at least one of the weekend days that has been booked with one doggy event or another. It's a little crazy to not really have a schedule this weekend. I almost don't know what to do with myself!LOL

Today was pretty full of non-doggy stuff though. Running errands, went to see a movie, and did some other stuff. I did take the dogs out to this private woodsy area that has an adjoining hay field to run around off leash for about an hour. Otherwise I haven't done a whole lot with them. The plan for tomorrow is to do a little running with them and then hopefully buckle down and do some tracking. I'm just going to do some simple tracks to see where they're at. Bess is focusing waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than she was last year, so I think it should go better. I've also learned a few other things that I'll start implementing.

Other than that, I seriously need to do some studying for the CVT test. I got my study material set up in our spare bedroom that has become a bit of a repository for random things while Adam is doing some work on the media room. The dogs are absolutely adorable and follow me into whatever room I'm hanging out in. I snapped a couple of pictures of them hanging out while I was studying a few nights ago.


The PR Gang said...

The second pic is so cute with Heffner's paw on Bess. I guess he's just making sure she's not going anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bess and Heffner,
awww that last photo just makes me feel all warm and slobbery on the inside!
You and your Mumma really deserve a weekend off!
May I ask what a CVT test is?

Mr Darcy

Lindsay said...

CVT stands for Certified Veterinary Technician.:)

Jenny said...

These sure seem to be enjoying their weekend!