Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Product of the Month

My pick for Product of the Month is the iBalls toy! I saw these things for the first time in July while we were up at the dog show in Surrey, BC. They looked relatively sturdy and I figured I'd just try it out with the dogs and see how it went. They're made out of a relatively hard ball that that's covered really well in fake hair stuff. If you press hard enough, you can make the ball squeak. Something that Heffner LOVES to do! Bess isn't horribly enthralled with the ball. Mostly she wants to play with it when Heffner is playing with it. But Heffner just goes gaga over his furry pink ball! Which cracks me up all that more because it's definitely a feminine ball. I'm also happy to say that while the dogs can get the ball in their mouths and compress it and do all sorts of things with it, it's still in really good shape. They've even had a hard time plucking the hair off of it! So I totally recomend this dog toy for those rough and tumble big kids! Here's a little clip of what Heffner loves to do with the ball; squeak it at me!


Diamond said...

just the sound from the computer drove Diamond and Pulver!
What size does Heffner have? Is it the medium or the large?

Lindsay said...

It's the large.:)