Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eugene Dog Show Day 3

Another day and no dice. Barbara Grave's bitch Julie did finish today, which is really cool! I was able to take a video of the breed ring today and it's currently uploading to YouTube (it's a rather long video, and it may be pretty boring for some) and I'm hoping that I can post it by the time I'm ready to post this entry.

After the show, I headed up to my parents' house in Silverton with the girls. They've got a nice chunk of land that my dad has really beautifully landscaped. I love it because it's not over done. Yes it's landscaped, but it's not garrishly and anally done. Everything flows really nicely and it's looks especially lovely during the summer. Bess and Violet had a great time running around in the yard and generally soaking up all the attention. I took a few pictures and I decided that I would post those instead of Bess' agility pics. I'll save those for tomorrow.;o) I also took some cute videos of Bess and Violet running around, but I'll probably wait until tomorrow as well to post since the breed ring video is almost 10 min. long.

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Kennedy said...

I heard Pomeranians announced! Where's the video of them? ;-P