Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nice lazy Saturday :)

We're taking it pretty easy today. Since we spent all day yesterday at the beach and tomorrow I'm joining a group of hiker's led by my friend Amy for a 12 mile hike, I figured that I have a pretty good excuse to be lazy. That and my husband has apparently filled up part of my day with other things. I was hoping to do at least some ball work with the dogs, but my ball studio currently looks like this:

Adam has been doing some trim work and other things to our media room and totally trashed my ball studio. Thankfully I have all the balls deflated, but they're still going to have to be thoroughly cleaned before I inflat them to make sure that there aren't any little wood chips that could potentially pop them.>:o(

Bess and I did make a little outing this morning though! We went to one of my favorite doggie boutiques, PetUtopia, to meet my friend Chrissy and her husband, who have Morpheus, Bess' half brother.
They were looking for a Halloween costume that would fit Morpheus since a lot of places don't carry sizes that even come close to fitting a young or adult dane. Margie is awesome though and usually has a few different costumes in the giant sizes. I got Bess' lion costume there last year!
While we were chatting, I remembered a funny story that I had that's sort of about Heffner. When he was younger I used to take him to the dog park all the time. I usually went around the same time and there were a group of other people who got there at roughly the same time as well and we just sort of started hanging out. One day we were all just standing around chatting with each other and this sort of odd woman came into the park with her dog. She came over and started chatting with us and just seemed sort of odd. Heffner came up to me to say hi and check in like normal. She asked me what his name was and I told her. I'm totally used to people asking me if we named him after Hugh Hefner. It's kind of the obvious question. And yes we did, but changed the spelling just a smidge. I was NOT prepared for the questions that SHE asked though! Her question was "so do you work in The Industry?" I wasn't quite sure where she was going with that question, although I had a sort of idea that I thought was totally wrong. I asked what exactly she meant by "the industry?" She said, well you know, Playboy and that sort of industry. LMAO I about DIED!! I asked her if she meant "did I work in the porn industry?" She said that Playboy wasn't really porn, but yeah, if I worked in that general industry. I seriously almost bust out laughing!! As a matter of fact, a couple of the guys in our group did! I told her that no, I'm actually a reserach assistant and pretty far from that end of the spectrum.:o) Anywho, that was just something that at the time was freaking hilarious and I had forgotten about until today!


Anonymous said...

Well you know that's what all the people in 'The Industry' call their dogs!

Mr Darcy and Mumma

Abbey said...

Well I never knew what ball work was till i checked the backlink... what will you do now for a ballroom?

So laughing at the 'industry' comment, though you could take it as a compliment that you must of been looking pretty hot that day....:)