Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is The Story of Savage! He's a good looking 4 year old blue great dane. Currently, my favorite picture is the one of him wearing the bright orange hunting thingy on his head! Cracks me up. So head on over and say hi!

Tonight we were back to agility classes and Bess was soooooo full of it after a weekend of dog shows and only on leash exercise. I did take her to her favorite foresty area on Sun. when she could get as dirty as she wanted to and I wouldn't have to clean her up again. Unfortunately it was really raining for the half hour that we managed to trudge around. She stayed mostly dry thanks to her rain coat (which is so perfect for this weather!), but she wasn't as enthusiastic about running around in the down pour. It's therefore pretty understandable that she had some zoomies that needed releasing. And boy did she! There was not one single run that we did tonight without her taking off at some point. Our instructor totally understood because she was showing her collie in agility at the Rose City Classic all weekend as well.

There was one particular run that we did that was especially hilarious. It involved a jump to a tunnel, wrapping around and going over three jumps. When Bess is in a zoomie kind of mood, for whatever reason, tunnels tend to rev her engine. She took the jump nicely and then just took off running in a huge zoomie loop. I pretty much just stood there waiting for her to come back to me. She looped around, entered the tunnel at the correct entrance, came flying out of the tunnel and continued on another zoomie loop. We were all amazed that she took the correct tunnel entrance and of her own free will. But it was time for her to come back to me and settle into the rest of the course. She came flying by me and for lack of any other word that would work on her, I pulled out the "woah!" command and sure enough, she does this crazy turn on a dime pivot on her rear legs (while still in full zoomie mode) to come to a beautiful stop facing me. And panting like a crazy hell beast.:) I really wish I had it on video because it was just too funny! She's a crazy girl and agility definitely makes her happy.LOL


Schwang said...

Are the tunnels hard for them because they're so tall? Do they actually run through, or do more of a crawl?

Lindsay said...

It kind of depends on the dog. Heffner has a harder time with them and is not as fond of tunnels. Bess seems to particularly enjoy them and will voluntarily take them while in zoomie mode. Granted, she is a few inches shorter than he is so it's a little easier for her. Generally I would say that the tunnels are harder on any of the larger dogs that have to crouch at all to get into the tunnels.

Life With Dogs said...

Kind of like a car skidding in to a parking spot. :)
Thanks for the intro, always great to meet another dog blogger!