Friday, January 8, 2010

Here We Go!

Today I finally got around to actually trying to get a good shot of Heffner for our first week of the 52 Weeks for Dogs on Flickr. It seems incredibly simple, but for whatever reason I had a hard time coming up with what I should do for his first picture. Since he's only allowed a 5 min. walk a day (moving up to a wopping 10 minutes starting tomorrow!), it's not like we're going to be hitting a lot of gorgeous scenery for me to shoot pictures in. Which makes this a little more challenging than I originally planned on.

After some contemplation, and realizing that our house is just trashed right now because we've been too busy/lazy to much cleaning aside from putting Christmas away, I decided that a simple head shot was probably best. As the saying goes, "keep it simple stupid." And so I did!

I'm looking forward the challenges that will be issues throughout the year as well as trying out some different stuff with lighting. I'm still pretty convinced that I'm going to want a new camera because I already do.LOL

On a side note, for those of you wondering how the 5 min. walks are going over with Heffner, the short answer is not well. Before he got injured, due to our morning obedience sessions, he was doing sooooooo well on a loose leash with just his collar. We are now back to using the gentle leader because I want him to get out of the house and get his walk, but he's so incredibly excited to get out that he's hauling like a mack truck. It's just been too frustrating. I'll start working on his heeling again once his walks have built up to something worthy of it. For our first walk he was super excited to be allowed out the front door. He was still pretty eager when we hit the turn around point at 2.5 min. Once we started approaching the house, he started slowing down and started looking a little confused. When I took him back to the front door after what was essentially a potty walk, he wasn't thrilled that I was taking him back inside and that was all that he was getting. He's having a really hard time with this whole non-existent exercise thing. He's used to getting plenty of exercise at least daily. So now I'm getting lots of nose pokes, paws, and toys dropped on me whenever I'm sitting down. He's mostly adorable when he's doing it and I totally feel bad for him that he doesn't get to do ANYTHING, but good lord! He's annoying as all get out!!!! I have honestly thought about asking the vet for a sedative or 100 to help a little!LOL My occasional solution is to just give the dogs a frozen Kong to play with because it keeps them both quiet for a while. The only problem is that it's really not a great idea to give a dog on very limited exercise, food toys. He just isn't burning the calories. So yeah, Heffner's not happy, so I'm not happy. It's just oodles of fun!!:oP


MurphyDog said...

Very nice head look very regal, Heff!

Mom is looking forward to seeing all 52 weeks of your photos!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Emma Rose said...

Good shot. Poor Heff, and poor you! It is bad enough having a small dog bug you constantly, but he's a BIG guy. We can't imagine!!!

Emma Rose

Kathie R said...

Great photo. I love the expression.

Have you tried any of those mentally challenging games for him, i.e., puzzles, hide-n-seek, training tricks? I don't know, but I've heard the mental stimulation really tires them out.

Schwang said...

The headshot looks like he's ready to head to Hollywood! The mental games/tricks might tire him out, but I know how hard it must be with a stir-crazy dog.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

aww poor Hefner! I know Vito was miserable for the 5wks he couldn't have bones or toys (even worse!) but at least Vito could still run around. Hugs and kisses sending his way!