Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Pedometer Challenge

Alright folks, lets get right into it!:) The challenge for this week is to wear your pedometer or whatever tracking unit you're using every single day and keep a record of your steps each day. Naturally, I will be using Excel, because I love it so.:o) I'll be updating the blog each day with my daily totals. Which means that since I'll be starting to wear it tomorrow, I won't make my first entry about it until Wednesday evening. The goal this week is just to get used to wearing it and recording your daily totals. That way you can eventually look at what you're hitting each day and see if there are patterns. And for further challenges.:) I will also be posting links to the blogs of people who are participating. It'll be fun to see where everyone is at!

I'm going to go a little overboard and wear the pedometer and the Nintendo DS activity monitor. That way I can record my steps and also use the DS to see my overall activity patterns throughout the day and use their neat little graphs.

Last Friday I meant to brag about Bess and totally forgot to. We've been doing our morning walks with a focus on heeling and I'm adding in the automatic sits when I halt. At first I was giving her either a verbal of a hand signal for the sit when I would stop. I started fading that out after a day or two to see what she would do and she has totally started doing an automatic sit with no cue from me!!!:) I love it!! The first day she got HUGE praise for that and she was definitely quite proud of herself. She would break the sit stay, but I was fine with that because she was getting the idea that when I halt she should sit. Now I'm focusing on getting her to hold that sit until I release her. I'm so proud and excited!:)

In Heffner news, the boys head is going to explode shortly. Seriously. Or mine will. Maybe it'll happen simultaneously. Today when I got home after work and was relaxing and checking my email, he got a serious bug up his butt and got the mad zoomies. Adam and I both tried to corral him. At first he did several spins in a row, just leaping up into the air and spinning in place as fast as he could. While hilarious and quite impressive, it's not exactly an "exercise" that he's allowed to do. After we got him to hold still he managed to zip past both of us and start tearing around the upstairs. We did finally sort of tackle/corral him and get him to hold still, but he totally had that crazed/vacant look in his eyes. The poor boy is just going absolutely insane with these restrictions. Yes, there will be much to talk to the vet about on Wednesday!


Andrea said...

I should dig out my pedometer. I like to wear it while hiking or snowshoeing but should really use it day to day!
I really think you're going to have fun doing Rally and/or Competitive Obedience! It's so rewarding to teach them new things (Brody is totally acing the 3 step back up for our Rally Excellent). And even though Brody (or Clara) will never be as perfect as those top dogs, just to see them in the ring competing & qualifying is the best incentive!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

wow great progress with Bess!!! and poor Heffner I hope restrictions are lifted soon.

Kennedy said...

Maybe a video camera eye view of Heff exploding when you get home tomorrow will show the vet in fewer words. :)

And Linds, the DS and the pedometer, really? Like we expected you to be a slacker. Sheesh. LOL.

I'm still looking for my silly pedometer. It was in my desk drawer when you posted it last week and now it's sprouted legs and walked off of its own accord - probably because it'd get more mileage. =(

Kitty said...

Got my pedometer out and wearing it. Excited to see where this goes. Happy walking!
Kitty, Kira and Donovan

Emma Rose said...

I'm in! Found a pedometer and started wearing it Saturday. I will keep track, on Excel of course, but don't know if I will mention it on my blog. The blog is not really "mine", it's Emma's you know! :)

M.T. said...

YAY Bess!! What a smart girl :)

And poor Heff ... when are those restrictions going to be lifted???

Training my Mammoth said...

Do you have any recommendations for a good pedometer?

This year (and last) my boyfriend and I took a trip to Disney. I bought a pedometer because I wanted to see the ridiculous amount that we walk daily. It didn't work properly; it just wouldn't measure steps right, even after resetting it.

I'd had another old one that just was shot.

I'd love to do the pedometer challenge - but I don't want to buy an inferior one again. Any ideas?