Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh How I Love the Mountain!

I've been a little bit stressed out and going through some other emotions at work these past few weeks and I REALLY needed to get out this weekend, get some fresh air and exercise, and just sort of forget about things for a little while. Thankfully Kennedy and Vegas were also up for a wintry outing so Bess and I didn't have to go alone! It helped me a lot to keep my mind from endlessly looping on things that I'd rather not think about right now (I'm not losing my job or anything like that, just lots of stuff going on). Bess and I have our first skijoring race together next weekend, so I also wanted to do just a wee bit of skijoring to make sure that she was still solid running by herself. It was also incredibly helpful to have Vegas and Kennedy as a distraction for Bess. Most of the time we're running by ourselves with little to no distractions. Having someone there that she knows she'll get to play with helped me test her a little bit to see if she was going to be able to focus well in a race setting where there are dogs ahead of and behind her as well as coming the opposite direction as her. I'm happy to say that I thought she did pretty well and I'm confident that she'll stay focused next week!

This was Kennedy's first time up on skis and she was definitely starting to get more of the hang of things towards the end. It's kind of an unnatural way to move, so it takes a little getting used to. The snow was a little faster than I would have liked for her first time out, but we went with it.

Both dogs were pretty hilarious. Vegas got to romp around off leash by herself initially while Bess was harnessed to me to get some practice in. She had all sorts of fun bunny hopping through the deeper snow banks and just bounding all over. After a short bit, I got Bess out of her harness and put her coat on and let her run around off leash as well. Other than a few snow mobilers and one other skijorer towards the end of the jaunt, there wasn't anyone else out on the trail.:)

Bess was really cracking me up with her antics. First she was pi$$ed at me that I put her booties on. Then she got over that. I think she was a little miffed that I kept her in harness while Vegas got to have all the fun. Then she got over that. Once I released her, she got to release her inner crack addict!LOL She just makes me laugh with some of the stuff that she does! She was running off into the woods for who knows what reasons. Sometimes I think she did it just for the sake of tearing off through the snow and woods. She had all sorts of fun bounding all over the trail and along the sides. It was just too funny to watch her entertaining herself! While I didn't manage to get any good video footage of anything, I did snap a few pictures!

Vegas kept digging around in the snow banks making a "bed" along the way. It was pretty funny to watch her go through the process.
It was even funnier when she just struck this pose of her own accord!
Bess didn't quite understand why Vegas was sitting up there.

Definitely a great way to end the weekend! Tomorrow I'll do my reveal on the little challenge that I have cooking in my head!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

looks like everyone had fun! Good luck with Bess next weekend I'm sure you'll be great!!!

I still can't believe anyone goes out in the cold to do that though. It was at least -10 this morning and I almost died!

Emma Rose said...

Good luck on your race next weekend!

Kennedy said...

It's only cold if you stop moving. :)

The Thundering Herd said...

Something about mountain views and mountain air to clear your head, isn't it?

Lucy The Great Dane said...

The mountain and the snow covered trail look like a lot of fun.

Dan Goodnow said...

Cool pics! Can I ask where you took your dogs? We're looking for a place to go snowshoeing with ours next weekend (we live in Forest Grove) and we'd love to find some snow if we can!

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Lindsay,

It's Denise here (Kasha's mom) hijacking her blog.

You guys are so exciting..I feel like such a slug. I love learning about everything that you and your danes do. Keep it up. We were just away for the long weekend and it was below zero most of the time. Kasha is an old dane. Actually she just turned 8 and when it's really cold outside she gets to where she can't be outside for say more than 5 minutes and she can barely walk back inside it she stays out too long. I have a coat for her but was wondering...what kind of boots do you have for your danes and where did you find one that fit? Do they stay on well? Did you have troubles getting them to tolerate them at first? Thanks for your help.

Denise & Kasha

Lindsay said...

Dan, we went up to Frog Lake. I like it because it's not always as heavily used as some of the other snow parks.

Denise, as a matter of fact I'm going to do a post on booties here in just a bit. I've got a few different brands that I use for different reasons and all have their pluses and minuses. I think I may try getting to that this weekend, hopefully!