Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

Happy December 13th!! For today's Blog of the Week, I'm going to revisit a blog that I've posted about before and referenced in other posts. It's a blog that I would like to bring additional attention to right now, because this team is about to embark on a very exciting trip and I would really like for as many people as possible to cheer them on. The blog is Danes Can Q.:0) Kennedy and Vegas have worked very hard to get where they're at and I do not envy them the schedule that they have. So head on over and wish them lots of luck at the AKC agility invitational!!

And here's a few more pictures for today.;0)


M.T. said...

What's the significance of the beaded cap? :)

Lindsay said...

Nothing really. It's just cheesy Christmas goodness.;0)