Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! The day is almost here! I do have to admit that I think I kind of like Christmas Eve better than the day itself. There's all the anticipation. The magic of what's coming tonight. And just the general good cheer and build up. It's just all sorts of warm fuzziness.:0)

This morning I started my day off on the best foot possible by taking the danes out for a long hike. I opted to leave Ruthie at home because I knew it was going to be cold, I wanted to do a longer hike, and it was also damp. Being a low rider dog, even with a coat on, she gets way more wet than the big dogs just trucking along on the trail. And considering how mucky the big dogs' coats got, she would have been a total mud ball! So Heffner, Bess, and I headed out for an early morning hike so that we could get in a few good hours of actual hiking. The down side of that is that it meant starting our hike while it was still totally dark out. Thankfully I picked a trail that I know very well and am comfortable with at least the first portion of the footing. Even so, I still almost bit it within the first few minute. Figures! Other than that, it was a lovely hike and just what I needed!!

Since I haven't really done much actual updating on the blog, I did have a fun Thur. evening. I met up with my friend Elizabeth for a handling class! I mentioned previously that she had asked me if I would handle her dane puppy Ruby for her (did she really think that I would have said no???). Thursday night was a practice to see how we were going to mesh together and for me to get a chance to work her. Elizabeth has already been taking her to handling classes herself and has worked with her a ton, so she's already a really well behaved girl and great about letting me hand stack her. Really the only work that needs to be done is for her to get more used to working with me so that she's totally comfortable. Our first show together will be the big Rose City Classic in January! I'm so excited!!

Other than that it's been a whole lot of getting things done at work and finishing up Christmas shopping.

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas Eve and a very merry Christmas!!

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