Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy December 8th!! I am happy to report that yesterday's skiing was actually really great! The group that I got into for my lesson turned out to be at a lower level than I needed, but our instructor was great and was able to give me different challenges and grill me more on my technique. Once I actually got up on my skis I realized that I have actually become a better downhill skier thanks to all the skijoring that I've done with my dogs!

I hadn't really thought about it, but I've had to utilize a LOT of the same skills that I need for downhill skiing with my cross country skis while getting pulled behind the dogs. I'm way more confident on the skis now than I was the last time I was on downhill skis and I'm a lot better at last second changes in direction and speed. And here I was worried that spending so much time on cross country skis was going to mean that I was clueless on downhill ones! That was a really pleasant surprise.

At the moment I am "patiently" waiting for Adam to get ready so that we can head back to the slopes. I'm not sure what the rest of our party is going to do, but I want to ski a lot more today!

I also have some pictures to post of Ruthie and Remi! Many thanks to Diane for nabbing these!

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