Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scheduling Fun

Happy December 14th! I took a series of pictures last night out by the Hillsboro stadium in an attempt to capture the pretty lights in the background. Trying to do that while also getting all three dogs in the frame while also trying not to use a flash that washed everything out AND while getting all three dogs to look at the camera, proved to be too much for one very cold photo shoot. Bess seriously thinks that the red light on the camera means that the camera will eat her soul if she looks directly into it. Hence why I end up with a lot of shots with her NOT looking directly at the camera. If you could only see all the out takes and deleted shots that I get! So the above picture was the best out of the lot. Because I had a feeling that things weren't exactly going to turn out the way that I had hoped, I also took a shot of just the pretty lots from the angle that I preferred, and that thankfully turned out well.:)
I have other things that I would like to catch up on with the blog, but I am finding myself very fast running out of time with various holiday activities looming, so my posts this week will also unfortunately be pretty short on content. I apologize that it's been a little boring around here lately! I hope that the pictures help! And I have some changes/additions that I would like to do with the blog in the new year that I will introduce once my favoritest holiday has passed and I can breathe again.;0)

And did I mention that I did a HORRIBLE job scheduling all my projects at work this week and next??? There wasn't really anything that I could do about it with the time frames that I'm working with and the various needs of the projects, but good lord! I'm running myself ragged at work and I can't wait to come up for air from that as well! (this is how this post got it's title ;0) )

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