Thursday, December 15, 2011


Happy December 15th! Tonight I was very firmly reminded of exactly when the danes get the most competitive, and specifically Heffner. I took the big dogs out for a run and along part of our route we just happened to get caught behind someone running towards the MAX station. Unfortunately for me, the dogs don't seem keen on the idea of someone being ahead of them. There gets to be a lot more pressure on the leashes as the dogs really lean into them in an effort to catch up to and pass this person who has the audacity to be ahead of us! All I really wanted was a nice little jog. Instead I got a reminder that my dogs can run me into the ground any time any where.

And with that, I really need to clean some floors. We received a blog award that I really want to get to and I'm hoping that I will be able to by this weekend or early next week. I hope that everyone is looking forward to a good Friday!

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