Saturday, December 3, 2011

Who Wore It Best?

Every fashionista wants to be known for wearing an outfit well and making a statement. Sadly, my dogs are stuck with what I have and find amusing to put on them. I had this idea the other night to put the dogs in my matching ear warmer and scarf (that matches the danes' Christmas coats) and see who was the cutest. I'll let the readers decide. So tell me, who wore it best (and sorry that the pictures are a little dark; I obviously need to work on my lighting)?

This morning Ruthie and headed off to meet up with our frenchie obedience team members. Regardless of how our team actually ends up doing, we are definitely going to be the cutest stinkin' team out there!! Especially if Remi and Ike decide it's play time during the off leash heeling portion! I am very happy to say, though, that we had a successful morning practice and we have definitely improved since our last practice. I just need to work on remembering to keep me eyes on the handlers on either side of me so that I match my pace and what I'm doing to them. It gets a little hard to do that when I'm focusing so much on Ruthie. She was doing really well and she actually had some stays!! Not long distance ones, but we are much improved from before!

Then in a little less than an hour, I'm packing up all three dogs and we're heading out to get some pictures taken with Santa! I almost let the opportunity slip away from me, but when I saw Margie, the owner of PetUtopia, post about still having spots open, I got on it! We've gotten pictures of the dogs with Santa there for the past few years and the pictures are by far better than what I've seen at most places. I'm planning on getting there a little early so that I can hit up one of the fabulous employees to help me wrangle all three dogs, since Adam is otherwise indisposed with a little Christmas event of his own this afternoon. Thankfully Margie knows that Heffner has personal space issues and she is always really awesome about helping me out and making us and the other customers as comfortable as can be.:0)

And at some point today, I swear that I would really love to take a nap! I got home pretty late from Cavalia last night and we had our obedience team practice sort of first thing this morning. Cavalia was great though! It was definitely a feast for the senses and there was so MUCH to watch!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend!


The Musketeers said...

Well, it's a tough choice about who wearing it the best. As all of you look GREAT! :)

M.T. said...

My vote's for Ruthie!! Simply because of the absolutely adorable expression on her face! :)