Sunday, December 11, 2011


Happy December 11th!! Everyone is home now and settling back in. It feels so good to be home!! I am trying not to think about how much we have to get done by Friday this week. Ack! The house needs some serious cleaning. Especially after lugging in all of our gear from the trip. The tree still needs to be decorated. The Lego Christmas village still needs to be constructed. And I need to get everything ready for the Christmas Movie Marathon on Saturday. Ack! Oh yes, and because I took almost all of last week off from work, I had to cram a metric butt ton of work into this week. This shall be a great reason as to why taking a vacation during December is not a very good idea for me.

Oh yes, and it looks like Bess will go into season any day now. Which is actually perfect timing! She should be out just in time for at least some obedience/rally trials, if not also an agility trial. And this works out great for the trials I have planned for winter and spring. Which then leads into her getting spayed in the summer! Occasionally these things work along a time line that I prefer.;0)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I promise to start taking actual pictures of the dogs now.:0)

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