Friday, December 2, 2011

Nutcracker Princess?

Happy December 2nd!! I had to post today's picture in the morning because I won't be getting home until late tonight and wasn't sure that I'd quite remember to post it.;0) I have a thing for nutcrackers. I LOVE the ballet performance, and will happily be going to see it in a couple of weeks with some friends. In general, I just love the whole nutcracker story and the figures themselves. There's such a variety out there! I scored this year's guy from JoAnn's while I was picking up the material for Ruthie's Christmas coat. He was 60% off!! I LOVE Christmas sales on Christmas items!:0)
I couldn't resist him. I call him Mr. Fabulous.:0) And here's what the nutcracker table looks like minus The Midget.

Today's picture was having fun with a little dog that I can put in places I can't physically put the danes. Though, in fits of zoomies the danes have each leaped up onto that table and used it as a launching pad. Thankfully those were isolated incidences and they were REALLY going crazy when that happened. I swear that it's not a regular occurrence for the big dogs to climb up on a table!

And finally, last night's stalkerazzi mission with the dogs, camera, and me hiding in bushes around peoples' decorated houses was a success! Or at least I think it was. I haven't actually looked at the pictures that I took as of yet, but I have to admit that it was pretty fun "sneaking" around like that. I had to make sure that the occupants of the house couldn't see me taking the picture, that there weren't any pedestrians about, and definitely that no one was about to exit the house while I was taking the picture. Totally fun! And a fun way to kill an hour and a half with the dogs.;0)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! I'm looking forward to some hopefully awesome elfing at work! And then this evening I'm having dinner with some friends and then we're going to see Cavalia!!

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Laney said...

Oh the Nutcracker is my favourite ballet, I haven't seen it in years. I remember as a child we lived in Germany and going to the big Christmas markets, they were sparkly and loud and the smells...ummmm...but the nutcrackers and the Hurdy Gurdy's were my favourite.

Love the thought of your Danes leaping off the table!! My youngest goldie does that!! It will be our first year with him and the tree, going to be interesting.