Monday, December 5, 2011


Happy December 5th!! The dogs all wore these same antlers for some of their shots with Santa, but I wanted a "normal" shot of them at home with the antlers on. And Ruthie even helped me out with a ridiculously cute shot that I couldn't have possibly posed any better myself! But first to the rest of the pictures.;0) This next picture I could swear that she looks rather large in.
And The Midget does make some of the best disgruntled faces around!
And oh gawd, the cuteness!!

She kind of reminds me of Max from The Grinch. The poor little dog with the antlers that were too big for his head to hold up.
Today has been a pretty hectic day. Tomorrow morning Adam and I are meeting up with some friends in Whistler. And I have had to go through the whole process of getting things ready for a departure both at work and at home. After a very frustrating morning, I have come to the conclusion that I am sick and tired of going some where. The getting ready to go. The dealing with stuff that you inevitably forgot about, while you're on vacation. And then the dealing with everything once you're back. I've had to do a little too much of it more recently and I was honestly at my breaking point this morning and was ready to just not go at all. However, it looks like we are still going and I'm going to just have to take a chill pill or three and get my act in gear.

I'm also already having separation anxiety from my dogs.:0( Ruthie got dropped off with my friend Diane, who has a frenchie named Remi. Remi is also one of the frenchies on our obedience team. They've met before and Diane and her husband were awesome about taking her while we were going to be gone. The danes will be boarding up at Gramma G's. It's right on our way north and is obviously the perfect place for the danes to be. So while I will miss my dogs, they will all be in great hands and I just need to once again, chill out.

I'm looking forward to lots of fun in the snow! It's been years since I've downhill skied! I'm also bringing along my cross country skis as well as my snow shoes. It is going to be really weird playing in the snow without at least one dog with me. I haven't done that pretty much since we brought Heffner home. Weird!

Anyhow, I hope that everyone's Monday has been gentle and that the rest of the week is looking great!!


The Musketeers said...

Aww~ Those are some cute reindogs there! BOL. We destroyed our reindeer headbands :P Teehee!

Mango said...

Ruthie has figured out the concept of perspective. It must be refreshing for her to assume a position which shows her large as compared to her normal wee self next to those gigantic dogs.

Mango Momma

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Awesome pictures! Have fun!

brooke said...

love these pictures! Ruthie does look big next to the big dogs! hehehe